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Current list of possible new features

Want to suggest a new one? Want to see one of these made a higher priority? See the Help > About box for my email address.

  1. Currently working on: Paste special for different text formats ("Spot +5" -> a d20 with a +5 modifier labeled Spot, for example)
  2. Currently working on: More text - multi-line text blocks as well as the single-line labels
  3. More text options - font, size, color
  4. Add ability to customize sounds for certain events ("Hoody hoo" for natural 20 or "Boo!" for natural 1)
  5. Add right-drag move/copy/cancel options for existing dice
  6. Allow drag and drop between open documents
  7. Add setting to allow custom text colors for each die set
  8. Add wizard to tie custom buttons to dice groups that increment/decrement modifiers and change text (for temporary spell effects, etc.). A more complicated but possibly more useful version of Increment/Decrement Modifier, above.
  9. A grouping option that counts successes vs a target number rather than calculating sums.
  10. Allow the user to dock the dice bar horizontally across the top or bottom
  11. Ability to import an image (jpg, png, whatever) that could show up as the background of the dice tray window. That way more ambitious players could put up pictures of their PCs (or something) behind their dice setups. Allow for centered and tiled images.
  12. Support for creation of a backgammon doubling cube
  13. Full GUI support for n-sided dice