More Virtual Dice Tray Dice Images

To use these images, download the zip file and extract it to the images directory of your Virtual Dice Tray installation (by default, C:\Program Files\Virtual Dice Tray\images). Then when you right-click dice in the program the new directory name should appear as a color option.

Images from Earlier Versions

A few options that were installed by default with Virtual Dice Tray 1.0 have been removed from version 1.1. They are available here:

Images from the Chessex Web Site

Chessex makes some gorgeous dice and posts pictures of them on their web site that are photographed perfectly for cleanup and use with the Dice Tray.

Since Virtual Dice Tray 1.0 only displays black text, the sets above are the only ones I could find that are legible in that version. With the white text implemented in 1.1, sets like the following have become usable:

Other sets I'm considering cleaning up and posting include:

In later versions, if/when custom text colors are implemented, sets like Air will become usable.