Virtual Dice Tray Version 1.1 Revision Log

New Features

Menu option to change document background color
Added custom status bar message for undo/redo with last/next action
Full d% support
Added status bar messages to all menu items that were missing them
Smart text color (black/white) based on luminance of center-of-text pixel on image
Draw text for hacked n-sided dice with images
Added version info to About boxes
Floating text blobs for labels
Removed Align Horizontal and Align Vertical, replaced with Increment/Decrement Modifier buttons for changing the modifiers of multiple dice by the same amount

List of revisions between versions 1.0 and 1.1

These are the barely-edited notes to myself as I checked in code revisions to my Subversion vault. I include them for completeness, though many won't mean anything to anyone but me (especially revisions 10-17 which all have to do with setting up a real get/build procedure from the vault with version stamping)